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Instead of a long 1-800 number, the suicide hotline will now be 988. The issue is no one knows this, so how do we make it popular? 

First, get to know.


He is a social media influencer who built his following on comedy and inspiration. Being transparent about his battles with depression and suicide led him to launch "You Matter", a clothing collection that brings attention to these issues.

"You Matter" began as a sticky note message Demetrius Harmon wrote to himself while dealing with suicidal urges in the Fall of 2015.

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With 1.7m followers on Twitter and 1.4m on Instagram, we will use Demetrius' following to start the #988 Reason challenge. 

Tell 3 people why they matter to you and encourage them to do the same on their platform. 

We will use #988 to track the reasons. 

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Social stickies will be created to help make sharing the love a little easier.

Write a sticky, tag a friend, and tell them why they matter.


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Collaborating with Demetrius' line, we create the "#988 Reasons You Matter Collection."

Using the social challenge to organically pull the reasons for the line and strategically placing them on the garments. 

Proceeds from the collection will be donated to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


To spread the love, each purchase will come with a set of sticky notes full of 988 prewritten reasons why someone matters to you. 

Tear off a note and tell someone why they matter.

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Using geolocation, we will shine a light on those participating by having a live feed of the hashtag on digital boards.

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This launch will be a constant reminder of what the phone number is and what it does.

It reminds you why you matter.

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