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How do you know the toy you buy your dog is a hit or miss? 

You buy it and hope for the best. 

Dog's can't test run toys, until now.



Doggy Decides is a new program coming to a local doggy daycare near you! Chewy will stock these daycares with all the toys they need.


The puppers will then be monitored with a special collar that will keep track of all the toys they play with. The more your doggo plays with a toy, the more savings you earn!

Artboard 9.png


The Chewy app will come updated with Doggy Profiles. You'll be able to view your pups favorite toys, discount progress, as well as a live feed of your best bud playing on the Pup-Cam.

Artboard 5.png
Artboard 4.png


Parents will be sent notifications updating them on their pup's progress towards a discount. From there, they'll be able to see them having fun on the Pup-Cam, as well as given the option to buy the toy their currently playing with.

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